Streaming code of conduct

Being part of a team means that we share more than resources. The internet, along with the world of live streaming, has changed quite a lot since our beginnings years ago and not always for the better. As such we have decided to constrain ourselves to a code of conduct in order to ensure our viewers of our integrity and to establish a respectful and pleasant viewing experience for all. This code represents who we are and what you can except from a Jenmaarai when it comes to live streaming.

  1. Content first.
    We recognize that viewers come to enjoy a game and a streamer, and nothing shall prevent them from doing so.
  2. Maximum accessibility.
    Newcomer, subscriber, or lurker, anybody should be able to enjoy all of our content no matter what.
  3. No commercial intent.
    Viewers are not consumers. We do not sell or promote anything, we only offer free entertainment.
  4. Guaranteed integrity.
    We are not affiliated to any brand, nor do we accept any advantages from third parties. Our choices and opinions are fully ours.
  5. No incentives.
    We do not want to encourage bad behaviors when it comes to money, to make sure that viewers give only to support us.
  6. Toxicity Free.
    We build communities free of disrespect and toxicity, to create a friendly and relaxing experience for everyone.

Many things that are considered common practice in live streaming will be blatantly absent from our own lives. Notifications for new subscribers for instance will be completely disabled or very discreet to avoid disrupting the content. We do not promote anything and avoid any sort of advertisement. Unfortunately we do not have full control over that and some plateforms, like Twitch, may still play advertisements without our approval, but we hope that this code will help in creating a better environment for everyone.